Collection of Court-Ordered Fines, Costs & Restitution

It is the goal of the Danville City Circuit Court to see that fines, costs, and restitution are paid within a reasonable amount of time.

Pursuant to VA Code § 19.2-354, individuals convicted of a violation of law in this Court who are unable to make payment of fines, costs, or restitution within 30 days of sentencing may pay off said fines, costs, or restitution according to a payment installment schedule approved by this Court.

  • Failure to pay fines, costs, or restitution per the Court's order could result driver's license revocation
  • Fines and costs may be paid off by performing community service.
  • Restitution may not be paid off by performing community service and must be paid in full within 30 days of sentencing, or through the Court-approved payment schedule.
Payment Schedule
Amount Owed
MInimum Monthly Payment
$1 - $499
$500 - $999
$1000 - $1999
$2000 and up

Important Notes on Payment

  • This monthly payment plan remains the same until balance is paid in full
  • Individuals may request an alternate payment schedule if circumstances warrant. Any alternate payment schedule is subject to the approval of the Court.


Individuals who fail to pay within 30 days or do not follow the payment schedule may be subject to civil contempt. A show cause hearing will be held at which time they can explain to the court why they have not paid the amount due. At a show cause hearing, the Judge may amend the payment plan or find the individual in civil contempt. An individual found in civil contempt may be sentenced to serve time on the City Farm earning $58 per day against their amount owed, other than restitution. A purge amount may be set that will allow the individual to become current on payments and avoid jail time.

Online Payments Available

You may pay fines, costs and restitution online via the Virginia Judiciary Online Payment System(VJOPS).  A four percent (4%) convenience fee will apply.  

If you have multiple cases, please refer to your payment agreement or contact the Collections Office at 434-797-1635 to determine the appropriate case for payment.